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Below are tennis-related links recommended by TacticalTennis:

Instructional Sites

TennisOne – Ostensibly an instructional site on tennis technique, tactics, for many the true value lies in the hundreds of video footage they host of various professional players’ strokes. Want to see Federer hit a forehand in slow-motion inside-out with the camera behind? This is your site. The instructional portions are very hit and miss, but overall there is a lot of content and they update frequently. – In a similar vein to TennisOne,’s website is not as pretty nor updated as frequently. However the instructional content tends to be of higher quality. They also have an extensive archive of professional player video available.

Tennis Forums/Communities

/r/Tennis – Around 6000 users, r/tennis is the tennis portion of Reddit. Moderated, the discussions tend to be mature, with little to no trolling.

TalkTennis – The TalkTennis community is a large one, with all of the advantages and disadvantages that come with it. Home to some very knowledgeable and thoughtful members, it is also rife with absurdity and trolls. Sift through the rubble and there are plenty of gems to be found.

Flex Leagues

T2 Tennis – While not nation-wide, T2 is a well-run flex league servicing Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver and Arizona. It tends to be well organized, with appropriately flighted levels of competition.